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Everything you need for a unique wedding

SoSco Duo played wedding ceremony at a wedding with a Beer Burro in Scottsdale

Custom Songs Set the Tone for a Unique Wedding

If you want a totally unique wedding, you need a custom song! As anyone getting married these days or in the wedding industry knows, having Beer Burros, or other animals at weddings is all the rage. And why shouldn’t it be? It can’t help but make a wedding more memorable.

Custom Songs for Wedding at McDowell Mountain Golf Course in Scottsdale

The wedding we played at McDowell Mountain Golf Course was already starting out different for us. this is because we hadn’t played for a wedding ceremony or cocktail hour there before. McDowell Mountain Golf Club (MMGC) is one of few premier public golf courses in Scottsdale, Arizona. Located in the valley of Arizona’s McDowell Mountains, MMGC offers all the amenities of a private club, without any annual memberships, costs or fees.

Golf Club in Scottsdale is the Perfect Setting for Unique Wedding

This golf club was the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding ceremony and cocktail hour for a couple who loved to play golf. The ceremony site was very open with lots of green. There wasn’t any shade for us to sit under, so it was pretty bright, but the view of the valley was spectacular!

Live Music for the Wedding Party

For the entrance of the Bridesmaids, we played the classic Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles. And for the Bride’s Entrance, we played the beautiful love song, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. This wedding ceremony was very short and light-hearted, conducted by 2 of the couples relatives. For the recessional, we closed out with Here Comes the Sun again. There was no other music the wedding ceremony.

Cocktail Hour Music with a Beer Burro

After the wedding ceremony, as we were moving toward the club house to play music for cocktail hour, we saw her. She was this darling little Beer Burro! So, this would turn out to be the first wedding we played music for where there was a Beer Burro! Not surprisingly, everyone was crowded around her taking pictures and feed her carrots. She seemed to be enjoying the attention and looking perfectly photogenic in every shot. The burro was also doing her job though. She was toting large satchels of beer bottles on both sides of her. Her handler was serving the beer while she was just hamming it up for her admirers.

Interested in booking a beer burro? Click here.

Set-Up for Cocktail Hour Music

But, we had work to do, so we couldn’t really stop and play with the Beer Burro. We were on to playing live music for cocktail hour! The biggest decision is always where to set up. We look for a spot where we can be heard, but won’t be so loud that we interrupt conversations. We also want to be in the shade. This time of year, it was best. Plus, we wanted to be in a spot that’s not a walkway or right next to a walkway so we’re bumped as people walk by.

The bar that was used for happy hour was actually the outside bar area for the restaurant/club house that was roped off for the private party. So, we ended up setting up between the outside dining for club guests and the roped off area for wedding guests. No one in the dining area complained that they were hearing the live music from the wedding party too!

So, this was our first wedding ceremony and cocktail hour with a Beer Burro. So memorable! Contact us to have live music at YOUR wedding ceremony and cocktail hour!

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