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No amplification allowed? Discover the best acoustic music!

If your wedding venue requires no amplification of music, we’ve got you covered! Our flute and guitar duo can perform both amplified and not amplified, depending upon your needs.

Your wedding or party venue can seem perfect until you start to fret about the music. Some venues in the Phoenix area no longer permit amplified music. This can be somewhat limiting, but there are still some great choices for live music that is not amplified.

Don’t let the restriction of no amplified music spoil your wedding or party day! These restrictions are somewhat common but understandable and worth working around.

Why do wedding venues say no amplified music?

The most common answer is noise pollution. Live music and weddings can be loud events. Whether you’re at a park, a desert or a private mansion, the neighbors still expect peacefulness. Musicians and event planners should understand that playing music as loud as possible isn’t professional or appropriate at a wedding or event.

Some event venues have had to close due to sound complaints. In some places, building contractors are even required to use proper damping materials when building near venues. And in certain areas, they inform prospective new homeowners that they would be living next to an event venue due to noise.

Advantages of wedding venues that don’t permit amplified music

If you’re considering choosing or have already chosen a wedding venue that doesn’t permit amplified music, there are definitely some advantages.

  1. You and your guests can enjoy the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour more comfortably
  2. Your guests will be able to socialize and have conversations with more ease
  3. You don’t have to worry about noise complaints or have noise complaints shut down your party
  4. There are a variety of entertainers and musicians who can perform acoustically or with noise limiters

Should you avoid venues that require no sound amplification?

If you otherwise love the venue, you don’t need to avoid it just because they have amplification restrictions. This can be one special way you can set your wedding apart from the rest. It can be more intimate, romantic and meaningful without all the noise.

Wedding venues that do not allow amplification in the Phoenix area

Some of the popular wedding venues in the Phoenix area that do not allow amplified music or have restrictions on amplified music include:

The Desert Botanical Garden

Delta Hotels by Marriott Phoenix Mesa

Phoenix Art Museum

The Hermosa Inn at Lon’s

Some parks and other venues require special permits for amplified music, so be sure to check the regulations at your venue before booking musicians or DJs.

Musicians who can perform with no amplification

If your event venue restricts amplified music, we’d be happy to help. Our flute and guitar duo can play beautiful, upbeat music with or without amplification. The combination of flute and guitar can be romantic but doesn’t have to be boring. We play a variety of styles, so just choose the one that’s best for you, and we’ll do the rest. No need to worry about restrictions or volume. We’ll make sure your guests are entertained and enjoy their time at your wedding or other event.

Contact us today! We’d love to talk to your about your ideas for music or share some of our own, if you’re looking for guidance!


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