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Sedona Wedding Music – Options You Need to Know About

With the stunning red rocks and peaceful atmosphere of Sedona, Arizona, it’s no wonder that so many couples choose this charming town with its unique landscape as the backdrop for their wedding. Given the stunning sights, the sounds of Sedona wedding music should be equally as enchanting. Below are some options for wedding music to help make your Sedona wedding a truly magical, unforgettable visual and sound experience.

1. Native American Flute Music for your Sedona Wedding Music

With all the cultural of Sedona, Native American flute music is often the most popular choice for Sedona wedding music. This is because the Native American flute has a haunting sound that resonates with the spirit of the land. A Native American flute is a perfect choice for couple who want to create a spiritual atmosphere for their Sedona wedding ceremony. Having a Native American flute perform as your guests gather for your ceremony will set the tone for the whole ceremony, creating a peaceful, introspective tone that connects effortlessly to the surroundings. Choose from Native American melodies or your favorite songs arranged and performed on Native American flute. Either choice will be unmistakably appropriate for the atmosphere.

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2. Acoustic Sedona Wedding Music Amongst the Red Rocks

The natural beauty of Sedona is perfect for acoustic music, music that is natural, without extra amplification. Acoustic music can be gentle melodies performed as you say your vows, with the red rocks rising in the background. The music can be personalized to reflect what’s special to you as a couple. With the right acoustic ensemble or band, you will be able to select from a variety of styles including classical, contemporary, folk, Native American or anything else you may choose. Acoustic instruments well-suited to Sedona wedding music can be violins, cellos, guitars, flutes, harps, and more. Having acoustic music will guarantee that your Sedona wedding music will be as intimate and romantic as your wedding.

String quartets are also considered “acoustic” ensembles, since they can play with or without amplification. A string quartet, which includes two violins, a viola and a cello, is a classic ensemble performed at weddings. These days, string quartets are almost always able to switch seamlessly between playing classical and contemporary music. The sound of string instruments playing your favorite contemporary song can add a unique, personalized element to your wedding. .

3. Indie and Folk Ensembles and Bands

Folk and Indie bands can be performed either acoustically or with amplification, depending upon the size the your venue and the number of guests you have. They can provide a more casual, intimate atmosphere, if that’s what you’re looking for. Because of Sedona’s bohemian vibe, folk and indie music are popular choices for Sedona wedding music. There are even local bands that specialize in folk or indie genres. These bands often bring a personal touch to their performances, with their original songs and acoustic sounds that blend easily with the natural beauty of Sedona.

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4. Live Jazz Duos, Trios or Bands

Once your ceremony is complete, you may choose to move onto a more lively, classy reception. For wedding happy hours and receptions, you can’t go wrong with a live jazz band. There is a huge variety of jazz music to suit every event. Choose from a variety of sultry “smooth jazz” tunes or more lively swing tunes to get everyone dancing. With a live jazz duo, trio or band, you can make sure your cocktail hour or reception has the elegance you want with a great mix classic and contemporary love songs that will be enjoyed by all of your guests.

5. DJ Spinning Personalized Playlists

If you’re having a larger party where you want to get everyone up and dancing, your Sedona wedding music may also include a professional DJ. You can work with your DJ in advance to come up with a versatile music selection that suits you musical preference and the vibe you want for your party. Sedona wedding music often takes place outdoors, so your DJ can be a great contrast to the more mellow music played live during your ceremony and cocktail hour to get the party started once the sun sets.

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If you’re planning a wedding in Sedona, you’ll want to make sure that you find just the right vibe of music to enhance your special day. Sedona wedding music should complement the beauty of the surrounding nature as well as reflect your style as a couple. With live music, you can create an intimate, memorable soundscape for your wedding day. Whether you choose to go with the acoustic sounds of a flute and guitar, the local sounds of a Native American flute, the timeless elegance of a string quartet, or a more folksy sound of an Indie group, your Sedona wedding music should reflect your love and your relationship.

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