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Dreaming of a Private Classical Music Concert in Scottsdale?

music concert Cave Creek, AZ

If you’re dreaming of a private classical music concert, we can make it happen for you – just like we did for our client in Cave Creek, AZ.

Most of the time when we get an inquiry from a person who says s/he is from outside the country and wants to pay some alternative method, we just delete it, knowing it’s just spam. But this time, it seemed a bit different.

The lady said she was in Israel and wanted to book us to play a private concert for her step-dad’s birthday. The more we communicated with her, the more legit it seemed. So, we sent out the booking agreement and invoice for a private classical music concert. Both were taken care of immediately.

Unfortunately, the day of the concert was one of the very few days that the Phoenix area gets a storm with heavy rains. The concert was to be at the client’s home in Cave Creek, Arizona. We were warned that the road to their home gets flooded, so our client offered to pick us up in her 4-wheel drive to get us up the gravel road. That seemed pretty generous, but with all the flooding in the Scottsdale area, we decided it was just better to reschedule for a later date.

A few weeks later, the rescheduled date finally arrived and we made the gorgeous drive up to Cave Creek for the concert. The scenery just got more and more beautiful as we neared the house we were to perform at. Even though it was a perfectly sunny day that day, our client still suggested it would be best for her to pick us up and drive us up the steep, winding, gravel drive to the home.

The views were stunning, but we also witnessed the damage from the recent fires that had devastated the Cave Creek and Carefee area. It’s easy to forget about the fires, but when you’re there, you’re reminded how long it takes for nature to recover.

The damage was shockingly close to our client’s home, but although they had to evacuate, she said the firefighters were able to completely save their home.

Once inside, we set up to play the private concert for our client and her husband in the dining room area, right in front of the kiva fireplace. With the Saltillo tile floors, the sound was fabulous for a flute and guitar concert!

They requested classical music, so we played an hour of music with some Celtic music thrown in too, since they were fond of that genre as well. While we played, they drank wine and ate snacks in the living room while they listened to the concert. They were so appreciative of the music and our playing that it was such a joy to play for them.

The hour was over in a blink of the eye and before we knew it, it was time to pack up and get a lift back to our car at the end of the gravel drive.

We’re so glad we gave this inquiry a chance since it turned out to be such a lovely experience for all of us. Before we even left, they were talking about “next time…” so that’s always rewarding.

Clients are often surprised to find that private concerts are quite affordable and you just can’t beat the convenience of having the concert come to you and picking the program.

If you have interest in a private concert in your home in the Phoenix Metro area, please contact us today! (480) 788-2331 (call/text)

group of people inside room for private classical music concert
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