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People Love Premium Live Wedding Music in Mesa

bride and groom at The Landmark at Aldea

Playing live wedding music is always a pleasure at The Landmark at Aldea in Mesa. It is conveniently located off of Extension & Main in Downtown Mesa. Interestingly, it is registered on the National Register of Historical Places! This gorgeous property, built in the 1920’s preserves the original historical details of the buildings. The property and its manicured gardens are thoughtfully designed to host intimate weddings and private events.

Why We Love Playing Live Wedding Music at The Landmark at Aldea

We love playing at The Landmark at Aldea for many reasons. One that many couples may not think much about is parking. Many of the venues we play music at are beautiful but are kind of a haul to get to. At The Landmark at Aldea, they have parking very close to the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception locations. This makes it really convenient for wedding guests who may have difficulty walking long distances. Your guests in high heels or wheelchairs will really appreciate this location!

Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Options

Another thing we love about the Landmark at Aldea is their variety of spaces. Brides can choose between having their wedding indoors or outdoors. For brides who want a quiet, intimate ceremony, they can choose a darling indoor ceremony space. This lovely historic building is very cozy and romantic. It’s perfect for summer weddings when you want air conditioning or days that may not have perfect weather.

Romantic Gazebo for Your Wedding Photos

For many days a year when the weather is perfect, couples may choose to have their ceremony outdoors on The Landmark’s property. One of the features we know brides love is the gazebo in the back of the ceremony space. The gazebo is a perfect backdrop for photos before, after and during the ceremony. The lush greenery along one side of the ceremony space and historic building on the other are so picturesque in photos.

Having Romantic, Live Wedding Music for Your Wedding Ceremony and Cocktail Hour

The Landmark at Aldea is perfectly suited for having live wedding music as well! For brides who choose to have their wedding ceremony outdoors, musicians can set up behind the guests. This is a perfect location for your musicians to watch the wedding party as they enter. From that spot, musicians can easily time their music to the entrance of the wedding party and bride.

If the bride chooses to hold the ceremony in the ceremony space, live music sounds amazing in there! The space is acoustically beautiful to enhance the sound of live musicians.

Live Music for Cocktail Hour

For the cocktail hour, many couples choose to do this in the space behind the ceremony location. This setup is perfect for musicians. If the bride chooses to do this, all the musicians need to do is swivel around and they’re ready to start the cocktail hour! Musicians love this because they don’t have to move their equipment between the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour. Plus, without having to move their equipment, there is no delay in music between the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour.

The Landmark at Aldea offers all-inclusive packages which reduces the stress of wedding planning. They welcome outside vendors and outside alcohol.

If you’re planning a wedding and looking for a venue, we highly recommend considering The Landmark at Aldea. Talk to them about booking your wedding venue there. Then contact us about playing music for your wedding ceremony and cocktail hour. You’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable wedding day!

Live wedding music at The Landmark at Aldea
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