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Hiring an Acoustic Duo

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Our Unique Approach

Since we began playing together in 2014, our acoustic duo has evolved into an ensemble unlike any other. While we understand that performers are at various levels of musicianship and all levels can move audiences in a meaningful way, we take the business of music making very seriously. This is not our hobby. We don’t just do this for fun.

We have invested our lives, our time and effort, into studying, practicing and performing music. We took private lessons for years, we got music degrees at some of the finest music schools in the nation with some of the finest teachers, and we’ve gone on to perform hundreds of times, honing our craft. We continue to learn and grow and refine ourselves as musicians and ensemble players every day.

For us, using music as a vehicle to connect people to powerful memories and emotions is our work. This is why we do what we do, and this is why music matters so deeply.

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Working with Us

With all the stress and anxiety people are under these days, we recognize that audience members often arrive at our performances with hearts that are overwhelmed and souls that are weary. It is our mission to use our artistry to help people leave whole again. To achieve that, we find ourselves drawn to more soulful music. Performing this type of music, we use our musicianship to guide listeners into experiencing the true power of music reflected through our own musical passions and artistry. 

Even our most musically refined audience members rave about our musicianship. Whether you only listen to the radio, know a little about music from your few years of piano lessons or have season tickets to the symphony, you will recognize our artistry.

We play every note, in every song, like it matters. Because it does.

How We’re Different

We are the only weekly-performing flute and guitar duo in Arizona. When it comes to hiring small ensembles, there are a variety of choices including solo pianists or guitarists and string quartets. But if you’re looking for something different, there aren’t a lot of choices. We offer something different with the lyrical voice of the flute and harmonious chords of the guitar. Because of our busy schedule, we are always in performance-ready shape and always expanding our song list. With our experience and skill, you can be confident that your event music will be performed by the utmost professionals at the top of their game.

When you hire SoSco, you hire Laura Strickland and Alex Mack – not just any flute or guitar player who happens to be available that day. This ensures that all of our clients get a first-class performance by a tight, experienced ensemble, every time.

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How You’ll Benefit

Top-notch musicians. We’ve put in the time and effort to become accomplished musicians, so that we can deliver masterful performances without fail.

We save you time. We save you time with quick and simple booking. We arrange and learn new music quickly, so even if you book your event just a few days in advance, we can still perform any special requests you may have.

We save you money. We save you money because we’re just a small ensemble (string quartets cost about twice as much as our duo and DJs are thousands of dollars more!).

We save you stress. Most importantly, when you book SoSco, you have one less thing to worry about. You can trust your musicians will deliver you and your guests a performance marked by finesse and nuance.

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