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More comfort guaranteed with live funeral music

Memorial service music Scottsdale

A memorial service can always be enhanced with live music.

We hadn’t played many memorial services during the pandemic. But, we recently we had the honor of playing flute and guitar music for a family holding a memorial service. We were reminded that music is an essential part of all types of celebrations, including end of live celebrations.

We have played music for funerals that was requested in advanced by the deceased person, music that reflects the loved one who has passed and music that is just soothing to the family and friends that are present. No matter how the music is chosen, live music is always meaningful way to personalize the service and any other gatherings celebrating end of life celebrations.

Music is Healing at a Memorial Service

Our goal is to provide music that will add to the experience of grieving and remembering. For the memorial service we just played for in Scottsdale at Green Acres Mortuary and Cemetery the family was choosing music to remember a woman who had been a professor at Arizona State University. She had been in the English department and had lived overseas. Her family of two sons was very close so her passing was extremely painful to them and their devoted father.

For that family, we played classical music in the chapel during the viewing to comfort family and friends as well as for the slideshow. After the service was over, we played music as the guests left the funeral chapel. We also followed the group out to the gravesite and played a few songs for them there as well.

The other memorial service we played recently was in Phoenix at the Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery. The three sisters who lost their mother booked us to play music outside at the brief memorial service. They chose 2 modern songs and a classical piece for us to perform for them and their guests to honor their mother – Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri and Ave Maria by Franz Schubert. We played the contemporary songs at the beginning and end of the memorial service and Ave Maria in the middle, after the sisters read poems.

Lovely Songs for a Memorial Service

We are always willing to play what families request but can also suggest some music to make the choices easier, if they want some ideas. A few songs in our repertoire that are well-suited to memorial services are:

Setting the Mood for Your Memorial Service

We understand that each family has a different vision for how they want their memorial service or life celebration to feel. We are able to work with your funeral celebrant to create a soundscape that fits your preferences. For a wake, a home gathering, or a post-service gathering, you might want to select a style that was your loved one’s favorite. Just remember that the style you choose will go a long way in setting the mood of the event. We can help your event feel more introspective or we can encourage a celebratory.

Whatever you feel is right to honor your loved one, live music is sure to enhance the experience for everyone.

Please contact us for information on music if you’re planning a memorial.

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