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Exclusive Live Music for Ladies Luncheons: Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Luncheon Music Scottsdale

The day before Valentine’s Day, 2020, we had the pleasure of playing live music for ladies luncheons at The McCormick in Scottsdale. We played in a private room, the McDowell room, which was beautiful, looking out on the little lake behind it. It was also very live, which is fun for the musicians!

The luncheon was hosted for clients and guests of a wealth management company.

We played classical music as guests arrived, and then continued with soft classical music and jazz music  as background music while guests at their salads and main courses. For desert, we played more of a performance while guests listened. We even played a special song as the guests were doing their little word scramble game for 2 minutes, “As Time Goes By” by Herman Hupfeld, written in 1931. This song became famous when it was featured in the 1942 Warner Bros. film Casablanca.

To give you a better idea of how this event was planned, see the schedule of events below.


XXXXX Advisors

14th Annual Valentine’s Day Ladies Luncheon

Thursday, February 13, 2020

The McCormick Scottsdale

7421 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85253 – (480) 948-5050

Main contact – Debby Gatz, Director of Catering, (480) 367-2407

11:00  Coordinator Arrives: McCormick setting up: menus, name badges,  game sheets/pencils, center pieces, roses in two vases

SoSco Flute & Guitar Duo, Arrives, (480) 788-2331, begins playing at ~11:45 AM

Laura Strickland, flute and Alex Mack, guitar. Provide 2 chairs without arms; space no smaller than 8’x8’

12:15 PM   Lunch service will commence with salad

Owner, introduction

  • Welcome Clients and Guests – a little bit about luncheon for ladies
  • Share a little bit about the company
  • Introduce staff and spouses
  • Location of restrooms
  • Enjoy the background music provided by SoSco Flute & Guitar Duo during lunch and after dessert, they will share a small music performance following dessert

1:00 PM  Dessert is served

  • While the word scramble to be passed out upside down with pencils, mention (Passed out at each table)
    • Word scramble will be timed 3 minutes
    • Winner with the most at each table gets the floral centerpiece

1:15 PM  SoSco Flute & Guitar Duo presentation (20-30 minutes)

Transition to SoSco Flute & Guitar Duo music (20-30 minutes)

1:45 PM Wrap Up

  • Following music – We hope you enjoyed the flute and guitar played by Alex and Laura of SoSco Flute & Guitar Duo.
  • Ask everyone to take:
    • Heart shaped glass for each guest to take home.
    • Rose on way out of the door.
    • Advise everyone that the tip for the valet parking attendant has been taken care of by the company
    • Thank the waiters/waitresses of The McCormick Scottsdale.
    • Please have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

This was such a wonderfully planned, classy event and we were honored to provide the entertainment for these ladies.

If you’re looking for entertainment for your private event, please contact us at


music for ladies luncheons in Scottsdale
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