Why SoSco

If you have discriminating taste and are looking for refined musicians, SoSco Duo will not disappoint.

We understand that planning a wedding or special event is a huge undertaking, but if the atmosphere of your event is important to you, there’s nothing like live music to create just the right ambiance. Having live music brings a unique touch of elegance that pre-recorded music simply cannot achieve.

How do you decide who to hire? We believe the best musicians possess several important qualities:

  • talented
  • engaging
  • memorable
  • dynamic
  • unique

As you learn more about us and work with us, we hope you will find that we possess these characteristics. Read our reviews!

Additionally, we have expertise in a variety of styles, so the music we perform for you and your guests will be played with authenticity and character.

Benefits of Booking SoSco

  • FLEXIBLE. We are more flexible in playing different styles than a string ensemble. Our sound possesses the same kind of sophistication for traditional wedding and classical music but is more suited to other styles of music than a string ensemble.
  • ECONOMICAL. Since we are only two musicians, we are more economical than hiring a string ensemble.
  • UNIQUE. Rather than just hiring one of the many solo guitarists, SoSco offers a uniqueness in sound, combining the fullness of the guitar and the lyricism of the flute.
  • SOPHISTICATED. Many guitarists also add vocals, but with SoSco, you can enjoy songs you know with more sophistication than guitar and voice.
  • PERSONALIZED. We will work with you to plan a playlist that will best set the mood for your event. If you have certain songs that you’d like to hear, just ask! We’ll do our best to accommodate. Once we determine your play list, at your event, we will play every song that you requested.