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Live Music Concerts in Phoenix

Live Music in the great live music outdoors is what we specialize in! With people trying to stay safer by remaining distanced from others, we now offer these options. There are countless gorgeous locations in Arizona to do this. We’ve played outdoor concerts in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Cave Creek and other cities around the valley.

Live Music for Outdoor Concerts and Weddings in Phoenix are generally less formal than the indoor concerts. Sometimes people chat while we play, their seating is varied and spaced irregularly and people are generally dressed more casually. Often times, people enjoy snacks and drinks during the concerts. We’ve played outdoor concerts for communities and their neighbors as well as for families and their friends.

Considerations for Outdoor Concerts

We’d be happy to play an outdoor concert for you. But as musicians, there are just a few considerations for us as performers and for our instruments.

  • The wood of the guitar and the silver of the flute are affected by temperature. The pitch of each instrument can change with small changes in the temperature outside. So, you may see us tuning our instruments more than at an indoor concert.
  • We use an iPad to read our music, so glare can become an issue when we’re in full sun. If an umbrella or other shaded area could be provided that would be very helpful so we can see our music.
  • Shade is also appreciated because playing a musical instrument is actually some work! When you feel a bit warm just sitting listening to us play in the sun, imagine doing a physical activity, including playing an instrument in the sun! We can quickly get overheated when performing in the sun.
  • You may have heard of the term “wind instrument” when referring to the flute. It is a called a wind instrument because it requires the player to blow a certain amount of air, at a certain speed, in a specific direction against the edge of the headjoint in order to make a sound on the flute. This means that if it’s too windy outside, it’s very difficult to make a sound on the flute. When booking a flute player for your outdoor event, we suggest that you find a spot that is somewhat sheltered from the elements, including the wind, so that our instruments can play at their best.
  • Bugs are an expected part of being outdoors that we normally don’t think much about. But, for an instrumentalist, they can become pesky. Flies and bees can be very distracting if they land on us while we’re playing. And for a wind player, the risk of breathing and swallowing a fly is a real issue! It’s happened to Laura at a performance – an indoor performance! It’s no joke.
  • Rain is one more potential challenge to musicians, as it is for guests hosts. One time we played an outdoor wedding in Sedona when it was pouring down rain! If we are asked to play in rain, or potential rain, we just need a covering so our instruments don’t get wet. It’s also helpful to get a tarp for us to put down beneath us so that our amplifier doesn’t have to sit on the wet ground.

We’re happy to play for your event whether indoors or outdoors. We’ll always find a way to accommodate. We’ve played in all kinds of weather and are good natured when it comes to making it work for you! Book us today!


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