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The best wedding musicians get booked fast!

music for wedding engagement

If you’re just engaged, remember to book the best wedding musicians early. As couples begin thinking about their weddings, they realize how much they now need to think about:

  • Wedding planner
  • Venue
  • Officiant
  • DJ or band
  • Live wedding ceremony musicians
  • Reception
  • Catering
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Wedding cake
  • Wedding dress
  • Bridesmaids
  • Flowers
  • Honeymoon
  • And so much more!

When to book wedding ceremony musicians

Most engaged couples begin planning a Phoenix wedding by visiting a few wedding venues. In Phoenix, there are so many beautiful wedding venues to choose from including resorts, golf courses, restaurants, gardens and more, so it can take some time to make your selection and find a venue you love that’s available on the date you want. So, brides normally start this process about a year in advance. Other vendors usually hired early are planners, officiants, caterers, photographers and videographers.

Book wedding musicians early

As busy wedding musicians in the Phoenix area, we recommend looking for your wedding musicians early. This means beginning to identify wedding musicians and listening to demo recordings at least 9 months in advance of your wedding date. If you don’t book your musicians early, you may find that the best wedding musicians are already booked on the date you want and you’re stuck with musicians with less experience who may not be as skilled or offer the styles of music or songs you’re looking for. If you have special requests for the bride’s entrance or recessional, you may find that the only musicians available can’t even arrange learn the music you want in time for your wedding! Of course, if you choose SoSco Duo, you will never have that problem. As highly skilled, professional musicians, we can arrange music in one night and need very little time to learn it.

Wedding ceremony music styles

If music is important to you, you will also want to begin discussing what style of music you would like early on in your wedding planning. If you choose to hire live musicians for your wedding ceremony, you will have many choices in styles, depending upon the musicians:

  • traditional wedding music (classical music)
  • contemporary
  • jazz
  • Celtic
  • Oldies
  • Standard songs
  • Disney
  • Spanish
  • Or a more unique style

Just remember, that you will likely have several important sections of the ceremony that you will get to choose music for:

  • Processional of the bridal party song
  • Bride’s processional song
  • Unity ceremony/sand ceremony music
  • Recessional song

Cocktail Hour Music

Most couples who choose to hire live musicians for their wedding ceremony music also opt to have those musicians play during the cocktail hour. This is a nice option because then guests can be entertained while they wait for you to finish with wedding photos. The musicians you choose will most often give you the choice of what style to play for the cocktail hour, so you don’t necessarily have to have to the same style of music during the cocktail hour as you had during the wedding ceremony.

Dinner Music

To keep the romantic ambiance during dinner, having live musicians for the dinner is a wonderful touch. Again, if you book your musicians early, you should be able to find professional musicians who are capable of playing for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner. More experienced, better skilled musicians will have plenty of music prepared to play for several hours.

Best Wedding Musicians in Phoenix

In order to book the best wedding musician in Phoenix who can handle your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner music, if you’d like them all, most impressively, we definitely recommend that you contact your preferred musicians early to find out their availability. The more popular wedding musicians do get booked with so many weddings taking place during the popular months for outdoor weddings in fall and spring in Phoenix.

If you’re looking for romantic, elegant wedding music for your Phoenix wedding, we hope you will contact us early and talk to us about what you’re looking for. We would be honored to be a part of your special day!

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