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How to Hire the Perfect Wedding Band

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With all the decisions you need to make when planning a wedding, the decision to hire a wedding band or not can make a big difference. Live music will greatly affect the experience your guests have. But what exactly is a “wedding band” and what kinds of services do they provide?

What is a wedding band?

When you think of a “wedding band,” it may be different from what those in the industry consider a “wedding band.”

Many people use the term “band” to refer to a variety of musical groups. They may include brass (trumpets, french horns, trombones and tubas), percussion, and often woodwind instruments (flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons.)

A “wedding band” may refer to a group of musicians who play popular music with guitars, drums and singers. Wedding bands who play popular music, jazz or country music are often hired to play for wedding receptions for guests to dance to after the dinner.

What is NOT a wedding band?

If the musical group is made up of string players (violins, violas, cellos and basses) or harps, it’s generally not considered a wedding band.

Since our ensemble is made up of flute and guitar we are often called a “wedding band.” But, technically that’s probably not the best term for us.

What is a “duo?”

A “duo” could refer to any combination of two musical instruments. It doesn’t generally refer to any specific group. It could be two violins, a violin and cello, two guitars or, of course, in our case a flute and guitar.

When is a good time to have a duo at a wedding?

Duos are perfect for wedding ceremonies and cocktail hours. A duo can either play as an acoustic duo, without amplification or can play with amplification. For smaller wedding ceremonies, our flute and guitar just uses a small amplifier for the guitar to balance with the flute. For larger weddings and for outdoor weddings, we can amplify both the flute and the guitar so all the guests can hear the music.

With just two members of this ensemble, it’s quick and easy for a duo to move from the wedding ceremony to the cocktail hour. This allows us to entertain guests as they enjoy their drinks and snacks.

Could we also call you an orchestra?

An orchestra is generally a large instrumental ensemble typical of classical music. It combines instruments from different families including strings, winds, brass and percussion. An orchestra rarely includes a guitar. So, while we have been referred to as an orchestra before, it’s really not a good term for our duo.

Is your flute & guitar duo an ensemble?

Yes, our flute and guitar duo is considered an ensemble. An ensemble is any group of musicians who perform together.

Why does it matter what I call a wedding band?

With so many terms and so many things you’re juggling when planning a wedding, it can easily get overwhelming. So why does it matter what you call an ensemble? It’s mainly important as you begin your search for the perfect musicians for your wedding. If you search using the term “wedding band” when you are looking for musicians to play for your wedding ceremony and cocktail hour, you may find musicians whose music would be great to dance to. But they may not be well-suited for playing the more intimate, romantic portions of your wedding day. To heighten the emotion and importance of your wedding ceremony, you will want to hire musicians who specialize in that style of music.

If you’re interested in having music that will enhance the intimacy and romance of your wedding day, please contact us. We’d love to hear your ideas for music. We can work with you to put together the perfect set list!

Curious where this lovely picture was taken? It was at Bella Rose Estate in Chandler! Photography by Hoda Lagom Photography.

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