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Everything You Need to Know – Choosing Wedding Ceremony Music

Choosing wedding ceremony music in Scottsdale

Not sure how to go about choosing wedding ceremony music? If you consider the following as you plan your wedding music, we guarantee that you will end up with music that has real meaning to you as a couple and will help make the moments more memorable.

Your music choice – how does the music make you feel?

First consider what types of music you like. Thinking about the style or styles of music you like, take some time to think about, in general, what do you like about those styles? How does listening to those style make you feel? Energized, nostalgic, peaceful, spiritual, romantic, cheerful, or something else?

Given the types of music you like, with your fiancé, if you haven’t already, discuss how you want to feel at your wedding? Do you want it to be more like a lively, spirited celebration, highly romantic, spiritual or something else.

Once you have decided how you want to feel at your wedding and how certain types of music makes you feel, you are well on your way to making the perfect selections of music for your wedding ceremony.

What songs create a connection for you and your fiancé?

Now that you know what styles you like that fit with how you want to feel at your wedding, you can start looking at specific music and songs that suit your tastes. Listen to music in the style you like and identify songs that connect with both you and your fiancé in the ways that are important to you. If you envision a lively wedding, identify songs that both you and your fiancé listen to and feel energized by. If you’re looking for a romantic wedding, identify music that has special meaning to you as a couple – maybe the first song you danced to together, a mutual favorite song or a song with lyrics that perfectly describe your romance.

We believe going through this process will add joy to your wedding planning process with your fiancé. Talking about the music and songs that you both connect with is actually an activity that will bring you closer together as you discover new things about each other and relive those moments where music has already added meaning to your life. We are told by couples that going through this process adds meaning to their wedding planning and makes them even more eager for their wedding day.

Feel Confident in your Wedding Ceremony Music Choices

While many couples feel overwhelmed and even paralyzed when faced with making musical choices, going through this process described above will help you feel a deep sense of satisfaction that you have consciously chosen music that has meaning to both of you and will make your wedding day that much more memorable. Going through this process can take you from being overwhelmed to feeling empowered by making choices you know will be right for you and your fiancé.

So, while you may not be a skilled musician and you may not have ever hired musicians before or selected music for an event before, going through this process will give you the skills you need to make some great choices. You can be confident that when you walk down the aisle, and he sees you, the music in the background will be adding to the depth of your experience and sparking joy in a way that nothing else can.

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