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The 5 secrets to hiring wedding musicians

hiring wedding musicians

Hiring Wedding Musicians

Hiring wedding musicians can see overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! We know couples inquiring about music for their weddings often have a lot of questions. That’s totally understandable, because it’s not often that anyone hires lives musicians!

Below are the top 5 questions we get from couples planning their wedding, After that are the answers to those questions. We hope this will help couples learn more about our offerings and services. The most common questions we get usually are regarding prices, availability, package offerings and inclusions, etc.

FAQ #1: Can I just book live musicians for my wedding ceremony only?


Yes, you can book live musicians just for your wedding ceremony, if you’d like. We most often play for the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour. That way, guests have live entertainment to hear while enjoying their cocktails and appetizers. There’s plenty of time to hear the DJ later in the evening. But, we’re willing to book for ceremony only, cocktail hour only, reception only or any combination!

FAQ #2: Why should I hire musicians when I’m already hiring a DJ?


Live musicians add a much more sophisticated, intimate and classy feel to your wedding. Live musicians give your guests special entertainment to watch and enjoy while they’re waiting for you to arrive following your photo session. It’s much more entertaining to watch and listen to live music that just having music playing in the background by a DJ. With several hours of dancing at the reception, it’s nice to mix it up with live music at the beginning of the evening.

FAQ #3: Is it expensive hiring wedding musicians?


It can get somewhat costly to hire a whole band for several hours. But, hiring a small ensemble (a solo musician or a duo, 2 musicians), is very affordable for most budgets! Rates start around $500 for wedding ceremony for our professional duo! That rate includes prelude music (as guests arrive), bridal party processional music, bride’s processional, unity ceremony music, and recessional music.

FAQ #4: How much work will it take to choose music?


With our duo, you can choose all, some or none of the specific songs we will play for you. Some couples choose all the songs. This includes prelude music (as guests arrive), the wedding party’s entrance, the bride’s processional, the unity ceremony and the recessional. Then they choose a style of music for the cocktail hour. If you’re not sure what you’d like, you can give us some direction, and we can make tasteful choices based on our expertise.

FAQ #5: What if I have my heart set on hearing a certain song – will you be able to play it?


We are experienced, college-educated, professional musicians. So, we can quickly and easily handle pretty much any musical request. We are very versatile. We can convincingly play almost any style of music! Even with short notice, we can arrange and perform your favorite song for a small fee. Just ask!

Since live music can be such a significant part of your wedding, hiring the right wedding musicians can make a huge difference in your memories of your wedding day that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. Hiring wedding musicians can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Contact us today for fast, easy booking!

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