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Learn the biggest secrets to the best music rates

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The best music rates on live music is kind of a mystery since it’s hard to know what the market is. It’s not like you can easily find live musicians and find what their rates are. In most cases, live musicians don’t even post their rates. So, how do you know what a “good” rate for music really is?

Cost of wedding items

Sometimes it’s helpful to consider what the rate for musicians is compared to other costs for your wedding. How much does a bouquet of flowers cost? How much is a plate of dinner for a guest? How much are your wedding shoes or the beer burro?

You may be surprised to find that compared to the cost of other things you get for your wedding, live music really isn’t that expensive for the experience it delivers to you and your guests. Even so, savvy wedding planners want to get the best rates for musicians. And so should you!

1. Book live music for a longer period of time

One of the best ways to get a great rate on your wedding ceremony music and cocktail hour music is to bundle them. For many musicians, you get a discount on the second hour of music. So, if you hire musicians to play for your wedding ceremony, it doesn’t cost much more to have them play for another hour at your cocktail hour.

Or, if you had been thinking about booking music just for your cocktail hour, you may just want to add them for your wedding ceremony as well. If you had been thinking of having live music just for your cocktail hour, you may want to add background music for your dinner too! This will give your guests a special ambiance as you all dine and celebrate.

2. Let the musicians choose the music

If you’re looking for a great rate on live music, you can ask the musicians what their rate would be if they chose all the music for your wedding ceremony. This is advantageous for several reasons:

  1. actually makes it easier for you (less choices!)
  2. the musicians get to play what they enjoy playing most
  3. you get to have music that the musicians probably play best
  4. your rate may actually be lower!

3. Ask the musicians for a discount

Some couples looking for live music for their wedding may get discouraged when they hear the cost from musicians. But, remember; musicians may be eager to get your business! Don’t be afraid to ask if the rate they quoted could be negotiated. Some musicians will be willing to take a lower rate to play music that is already in their repertoire or that they prefer to play. Some musicians may be willing to take a lower rate if your wedding venue is closer to where they’re located. You may even get a lower rate by offering to provide heaters or fans, depending upon the weather.

With rates under $1000 for small ensembles to play music for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and wedding reception, live music is certainly affordable within most people’s wedding budget. But if you’re looking for the best rates, try these secrets .You may be pleasantly surprised at what you can get for a great rate!

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