Hiring Musicians FAQ’s.

General FAQ’s

What am I paying for when I hire musicians?

*The education and skill of the musicians
*Professional instruments
*Sound equipment (mics, amps, sound system sometimes with extra charge)
*Travel time to and from your event (sometimes with extra charge)
*Physical labor to set up and break down equipment
*The brand
*Liability insurance

What is the standard time musicians play?

Most musicians book a minimum of 1 hour or a minimum fee. The maximum amount of time for background music played by a small ensemble is about 4 hours.

Why should I book SoSco Duo?

Anyone can say that they’re a musician and set up a website or Facebook page advertising their services. But it is difficult to determine an ensemble’s professionalism and skill level. We have the references, reviews, training and experience that set us apart as premium professional musicians. We will to listen to your needs, respect your budget and determine the best live music options for your event.

What styles of music do you play?

*Classic rock
*Contemporary/ Top 40/ Popular
*Easy listening
*Holiday music
*Jazz/ Smooth jazz
*Movie music

What types of events do you play for?

*Cocktail hours
*Concerts (public and private)
*Corporate events
*Dinner receptions
*Holiday parties
*Memorial services/ Celebrations of Life
*Private parties
*Rehearsal dinners
*Senior community events
*Vow renewals
*and more

Do musicians carry liability insurance?

Not all musicians carry liability insurance, but we sure do! If you require a Certificate of Insurance, just ask. We’re happy to provide one.

Booking FAQ’s

How long in advance do I need to book musicians?

Six to nine months is ideal. But, we understand that for some events, like memorial services or celebrations of life, there is very short notice. We understand this and will do everything to accommodate last minute bookings. Even if you have special musical requests, it doesn’t take us long to learn new music, so just let us know your event date, and we’ll try to get there for you!

Is a deposit required?

If you would like to book us, we will get the details from you and then send you a booking agreement with full terms and conditions. You will then signed and return it electronically. A deposit will be also be required. We will send you an invoice with payment details.

Are there any extra fees?

Once we come to an agreement on your rate, it will not increase. There may be extra fees for mileage, special song requests, etc., but you will be aware of these before you sign your booking agreement.

What payment methods do you accept?

Most clients pay by credit card. If you pay by check or Zelle, you will get a small discount!

Is a tip included in your invoice or expected?

No, we do not add gratuity into our rates, but it’s always welcome!

Performance FAQ’s

How long can I book you to play?

We can play for up to 4 hours. If we’re booked more than an hour, we may take short break every hour or two.

Do you provide all your own equipment?

Yes! You will NOT have to provide amplification, mics, speakers, cables, chairs or any other sound equipment.

How long does it take you to set up?

We have a very simple set-up, so it only takes us about 15 minutes to set up.

Can you play a special request?

We can arrange and perform almost anything, even with very short notice, if necessary. That being said, some music isn’t well-suited to our instruments so might not be a great fit. Please note, there may be an arrangement fee. Just let us know what you have in mind!

Do I have to choose all the songs you play, or can I, if I want to?

For wedding ceremonies, we suggest that couples choose a song for the bridal party processional, the bride’s processional and the recessional. For other events, you are welcome to choose the style you’d like, and we can select the actual songs.

What will you wear when you perform?

You can request we wear certain style of attire during the booking process. You can determine how formal you would like us dressed and in what colors.

Do you require that I provide meals and drinks?

Certainly not! We do not ask or expect you to provide any food or drink for us during our performances. (Although providing water would be appreciated!)

Venue FAQ’s

When will you arrive on the day of my event?

We generally arrive 15-45 minutes before we begin playing.

My venue doesn’t allow amplified music. Can you play without amplification?

Absolutely! With our instruments, we can play either amplified or not.

My venue has its own sound system. Can you plug into their system?

Sure! We have a variety of cables we bring with us, so we should be able to plug into your venue’s system when it would be beneficial.

I’m not sure if there will be power near where we’d like you to set up. Will you need power?

We actually have a battery-powered amp, so even if there is no power close by, we should be fine.

Will you be able to play outdoors if it’s chilly out?

We can play outdoors when it’s under 70 degrees. We do require that clients provide heaters if the temperature will be below 70 degrees any time during the performance.

What will happen if there is a chance of rain during my outdoor event?

If there is a chance of rain when you’ve booked us for an outdoor event, we require that you provide large umbrellas or tents to cover us and all of our equipment and tarps for underneath our setup.

The forecast for my outdoor event day calls for warm weather. What do you require for playing outdoors in warm weather?

Full sun shade must be provided for temperatures over 75 degrees. When temperature exceeds 80 degrees, fan(s) must be provided for air circulation.

How much space do you need for your set-up?

We just need a small spot! An area no smaller than 8’ x 8’ feet will work as a performance space for us.

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