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All you need to know about hiring musicians

outdoor events and weddings in Phoenix live music med

Live music for outdoor events, celebrations and weddings are popular year-round here in Arizona for obvious reasons. Except for a times during the summer, we can pretty music enjoy the entertainment of live musicians any time of year.

With live outdoor events in the Phoenix area that include musicians, there are a few things to consider to make sure your musicians. Make sure your musicians can perform at their best without risk to themselves, their instruments and their equipment!

Phoenix Outdoor Events That Allow Live Music

It may surprise some less experienced event planners that some venues do not allow live music or have restrictions on live music. This is mainly due to noise concerns by the neighbors. Most venues allow some kind of music. They may have limitations on instruments or amplification though.

We have played live music at many venues, so we know these allow live music:

If your venue only allows “acoustic music,” this probably means they’re looking for musicians to perform who don’t use amplification. This could include string quartets or small ensembles. They are probably mainly trying to avoid having larger bands.

How Arizona Temperatures Effect Musicians During Your Outdoor Events

If you’re planning an event outdoors, you’re certainly considered the comfort of your guests. Musicians just have a few more issues with the temperature than the average guest.

1. Playing a Musical Instrument in Warm Temperatures at Outdoor Events Can Work for Musicians

Playing any musical instrument, be it a guitar, flute, violin or any other instrument take physical exertion. This means that a comfortable temperature for a guest sitting in the shade the warm weather could be quite comfortable. But, for a musician working at playing his or her musical instrument for an hour or more, it may feel considerably warmer.

This means that musicians playing outdoor weddings or celebrations can really benefit from having shade or fans. Some musicians request this in their booking agreement or may just mention it more casually.

The sun itself can be dangerous for musical instruments. For example, even if it’s not too hot out, a silver flute can become quite hot to the touch if it’s left in the sun for while. Instruments can be difficult to hold onto with hand that perspire. Wood instruments can be damaged if kept in the sun for too long.

Many of these issues can be avoided just by providing shade for your musicians. Shade is also helpful to reduce the glare on iPads for musicians who use computers to read their music.

2. Playing a Musical Instrument in Cold Temperatures at Outdoor Events Can Be Comfortable for Musicians

Arizona evenings can get quite cool, which can be a challenge for musicians. Your party guests can be comfortable under blankets or sitting by a fire. Don’t forget about your musicians too! Positioning them by a fire may not be practical, so it’s always best to plan on having heaters for your musicians. If their fingers and hands get too cold, it can be difficult to play.

3. Windy Conditions for Musicians at Outdoor Events Can Go Unnoticed

Windy conditions always add some challenge at events. Wind will also be something your musicians should plan for. Musicians should plan for how to protect their equipment, music stands, music, etc. These days, many musicians play their music of iPads. This help reduce the challenge of pages of music being blown around by the wind.

It just takes a little bit of planning and your outdoor event with live musicians can be extra special and trouble-free! Contact us today to discuss your event plans!

outdoor events and weddings in Phoenix with live music
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