Memorial Services/Life Celebrations

Music for Memorial Services and Life Celebrations
Music is one of the most powerful means of expression. During times of mourning, music can soothe and comfort like nothing else. You can honor the life of your loved one with peaceful flute and guitar music.

SoSco Duo’s music can provide solace during memorials, funerals, life celebrations and wakes. Many people find that flute and guitar music is a lighter, more contemporary alternative to the traditional organ.

Planning Music for Memorial Services and Life Celebrations
When planning a memorial service, families can choose several pieces of music. Typically, memorial services will need:

  1. Music as people enter, to set the mood.
  2. Several worship songs or hymns that guests will sing.
  3. A song which has special meaning (a favorite religious song or a popular song).
  4. If there is communion, or Eucharist, a hymn or worship song.
  5. At the very end, a special or worship song.
  6. A Catholic Mass will need a cantor to do responsorial psalms. We understand there are a lot of decisions to make, and most people are not familiar with what music is a good option, so we have compiled a lists of songs that we can share with you. We’re happy to suggest music that is suitable for the purpose and to your tastes.

Our Approach to Music for Memorial Services and Life Celebrations
We make every effort to be sensitive to the needs of grieving families and friends. We can perform songs from the deceased’s favorite musical style, even accommodating special musical requests. We can accompany vocalists as they sing hymns and provide soft background music to enhance reflection during the service.

Demos of Music for Memorial Services and Life Celebrations
We invite you to listen to our demos, as you will find some are quite appropriate for memorial services and life celebrations.