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Background Music for Restaurants and Bars in Phoenix
As a restaurant or bar owner or manager, you’re most likely aware of the importance of creating the right ambiance to attract and retain guests. The music you provide can be as important as your interior design and food and beverage selection.

What the Research Says About Background Music for Restaurants and Bars
A recent survey by shows that 80% of people say they like to hear background music when they eat out.

A study published in the Psychology of Music investigated the effect of music on perceived atmosphere and purchase intentions in a restaurant. Four musical styles were played – jazz, popular, easy listening and classical. Additionally, some days, no music was played. Results showed that different types of music had different effects on perceived atmosphere and the amount patrons were prepared to spend. Classical, jazz and popular music were associated with guests being prepared to spend the most on their main meal. This value was found to be significantly lower when easy listening or no music was played.

Want to drive profits and increase customer satisfaction by setting the right mood at your restaurant or bar? Contact us today to discuss what styles will create the best ambiance for your customers.

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