Wedding Ceremony Music

While there are several key moments in your wedding, the first, and most important, is when the bride walks down the aisle. So much goes into that moment; a moment the bride and groom will never forget. No question, this thirty seconds of music is the most important piece of music during the ceremony. Whether it’s classical, a Broadway tune, a favorite love song, or whatever else, you should pick what’s most meaningful to you. That 30 seconds will seem to go by in a millisecond, but we are here to help make it an unforgettable moment.

Our goal is to work with you to customize your wedding ceremony music to suit your individual style, taste and preferences. We can help you select just the right music for the bride’s processional and every section of the ceremony including:

  • prelude (as guests arrive)
  • processional (wedding party, flower girl, ring bearer, bride’s entrance)
  • lighting of unity candles/sand ceremony (if desired)
  • offertory (if desired)
  • communion (if desired)
  • recessional (after the new couple is announced)
  • postlude (as guests leave their seats)

Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Music
There are many possibilities of styles and songs, but the first thing you need to decide regarding your wedding ceremony music is if you want traditional music or something different.

Traditional Wedding Ceremony Music
If you’re looking for traditional wedding music, here are some favorites we can suggest:

Contemporary Wedding Ceremony Music
If you’re looking for something other than traditional wedding music, you can choose from current music, standard songs, jazz, movie music, Celtic music, Spanish music or other music of your choice. Below are some popular choices:

Interlude music
Working with your officiant to plan your ceremony, you can let us know if any other parts of the ceremony will be suited for music. Most commonly, we play a short, lyrical piece during the lighting of a unity candle or during the sand ceremony.

Recessional music
If you’re having a traditional wedding ceremony, we can play Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” once you are pronounced man and wife. A contemporary pop song can also work wonderfully for a recessional, if you’re looking for something non-traditional.

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