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By booking SoSco Duo, you will be offering your guests a unique and elegant musical backdrop for your corporate event entertainment.


Extraordinary corporate event entertainment trusted by top companies

Some of the most esteemed companies in Arizona have trusted SoSco Duo with background music for their corporate event entertainment, and we’ve consistently delivered exceptional musical experiences for them. By booking SoSco’s flute and guitar duo, you’re offering your guests a unique and enchanting musical backdrop that goes far beyond the ordinary.

Whether your guests are local or are coming to the Phoenix area from out of town, our music will create the ideal atmosphere for networking and conversations, setting the stage for meaningful connections.

So, when you choose SoSco Duo, you’re not only selecting a trusted partner for your corporate event entertainment, but you’re also ensuring that your event will be remembered for the extraordinary sound and ambiance we provide.


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Background Music

Timeless live music adds authenticity and warmth to your gathering, making guests feel more comfortable to mingle and socialize. Many trusted organizations in the Phoenix area have trusted SoSco Duo with live music for their corporate event entertainment. This includes Mayo Clinic, Banner Health and Charles Schwab.

  • Welcome/Closing Receptions

    Live music can serve as a natural conversation starter, facilitating networking among business guests. Shared musical experiences can help break the ice and foster connections between people who may be more used to interacting over Zoom, not in person. Incorporating live flute and guitar music into the closing reception can reflect your company’s values and culture. Having live music for your corporate event entertainment shows that your organization prioritizes creativity, innovation, and the well-being of your employees and partners.

  • Cocktail hours

    People are more likely to remember an event where they had a great time listening to live music, which can positively impact their perception of the hosting business. Having live flute and guitar music will help give your cocktail hour that classy but chill vibe.

  • Brunches, Luncheons & Dinners

    Business events can be intense and mentally taxing. That’s why corporate event entertainment is so important. Live flute and guitar music can provide a pleasant diversion, offering attendees a chance to unwind and enjoy themselves during meal times.

  • Political Events

    Whether you’re raising funds, gathering support or celebrating, our live music will help make your guests feel welcome and joyful. Create a comfortable atmosphere with live flute and guitar music that will make guests more apt to linger longer!

  • Real Estate Open Houses

    Bring the space to life with live music! Nothing brings warmth and makes people feel welcome like live music to fill the home with joy and appeal. Guests won’t help but be able to envision future parties with their own family and friends!

Experience Our Signature Sound

Beyond the Sea, Bobby Darin
Unforgettable, Nat King Cole
What a Wonderful World, Louie Armstrong


Concerts /Themed Shows

Attending a concert or themed show brings people together, creating a shared experience that can be incredibly powerful. The energy of the performers, the atmosphere of the venue, and the enthusiasm of the audience at a SoSco Duo concert all contribute to an emotionally charged experience.

  • Church Concerts

    SoSco’s concerts bring people together, fostering a sense of community within the church and providing an avenue for social interaction and bonding among congregants and guests.

  • Library/ Community Center Concerts

    A public concert by SoSco Duo provides an opportunity for neighbors to come together at the community hub of a library to experience a live performance and feel a sense of community.

  • Senior Community Entertainment

    Give residents a chance to socialize and share special memories by sharing live music together. Music played live by SoSco Duo has a universal appeal and can evoke emotions and memories, making them a popular choice for senior communities.

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