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Cocktail Hour Music

Cocktail Hour Music for Phoenix Weddings

Your special day deserves an added touch with classy, live entertainment during your cocktail hour. With SoSco Duo, you will be able to feature some of the finest musicians from Phoenix whose performances have been heard in some of the finest Arizona venues, resorts, hotels and golf clubs.

Cocktail Hour Music Styles
Whether you’re looking classics by such composers as Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi or more modern songs made famous by The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, we can provide first-class entertainment for your guests during your cocktail hour.

While classical, standards and jazz are the most commonly selected styles by Phoenix couples, we also play show tunes, Disney, Spanish music, folk music, popular music and love songs or any combination of those, so you have plenty of options with SoSco Duo! Just let us know your vision for your cocktail hour music, and we will put together a memorable set just for you and your wedding guests.

A few points to consider regarding cocktail hour music:

  • Music is often a focus of the cocktail hour since there’s not a lot else going on. This makes having live music an excellent choice, to keep guests entertained while the newlyweds are taking photos.
  • Expect the room to be noisy, with guests drinking and chatting.
  • Guests will be paying a good amount of attention to the music as well as the conversation.
  • Almost any style will work for cocktail hour music, but be sure to hire great musicians who will impress your guests and set the expectations high for the rest of the celebration.
  • Hiring musicians for cocktail hour makes an elegant first impression without too much expense.

Interested in music for cocktail hour? We have lots of styles of music you can choose from! Just ask, and we’ll find the perfect music to suit your tastes!

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