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Background Music For Corporate Events – The Easy Way!

If you’re in a charge booking music for corporate events, you may have no idea where to begin. Event planning is likely not your primary job, so where do you event start to find good musicians who will set the right tone for your event?

When during your event would you like background music?

A good place to start is to consider when during your event you would like music. Often corporate events include breakfasts, meetings, lunches, key notes speeches/fireside chats, cocktail hours and dinners. For company meetings, we have played:

Dinner music for corporate events in Scottsdale

When can you have music for corporate events?

  • Welcome music. We’ve played inn the lobby, for the arrival and check-in of attendees in the morning, to set a lively mood for the event
  • Background music. We’ve played during lunch, to help attendees relax and give their minds a break between a long day of meetings
  • Cocktail hour music. Live music helps celebrate the end of the day and put attendees at ease as they socialize
  • Dinner music, to add an elegant touch to the evening

What style of music would enhance your event?

Once you know what parts of your event would be suited to having live music, next you should consider what style of music will help set the kind of atmosphere you’re looking to create. Musical style can be determined by the theme of your event and/or by the types of attendees you will be having at your meeting.

If you want a more lively atmosphere, classical music may not be your best choice. But if you really want to set a tone of elegance, classical music would be a perfect choice. Jazz music is a great choice for a fun vibe. For a younger audience, contemporary music may be a good choice, it that style fits your company culture as well. If you have a mix of ages and preferences of your attendees, you can also look for musicians who can play a variety of music.

Buffet dinner with music for corporate events

What kind of musicians should you look for?

The vibe of your event can change considerably just by choosing certain instruments you’d like to have for your live music. If you choose string players (violin, viola, or cello), the vibe will likely be more traditional and classy. Acoustic guitar is very versatile and can sound classy, folksy, jazzy or contemporary. Wind instruments (flute, saxophone, trumpet, etc.) can also be versatile, sounding classy, jazzy or contemporary.

How many musicians should you hire when looking for music for corporate events ?

You can hire anywhere from one musician to a whole band, depending upon your needs. A solo musician is a good choice for a small, intimate event. Good solo instruments for corporate events are guitar, piano and harp. For a fuller sound, and more versatile ensemble, a duo is an excellent choice.

Duos of two instruments can be a wide variety of instruments including two string instruments, voice and guitar, flute and guitar, violin and guitar and many other combinations. A duo works well for smaller or larger gatherings, depending upon their amplification. For smaller events, duos can play without amplification. But, for larger or outdoor events, duos can use sound systems to adjust the sound level to fit the space.

music for corporate events like cocktail hour

How much will it cost to hire live musicians to play background music?

You may be surprised that hiring live musicians for your corporate event is surprisingly affordable. Most musicians have a minimum fee for up to an hour. After that, they generally charge in 15 or 30 minute intervals. In the Phoenix area, you can probably get a professional solo musician to play for about $250 for an hour. A professional duo is around $400 for an hour.

Can you save money by hiring a student musician?

You may be able to save some money by hiring student or amateur musicians instead of professionals. But, as professionals hosting a corporate event, you know that there is great value in training and experience. It’s the same for musicians. You probably won’t be hiring amateurs to do your catering, and you probably don’t believe that amateurs could do your company’s jobs as well as your employees do. We strongly recommend you look for musicians who are professionally trained and experienced. This will help ensure that the experience for your attendees enjoyable and the process for you, the planner, is stress-free.

Looking to music for corporate events in Scottsdale?

Contact us! We are a versatile ensemble that can create a great vibe for your corporate event.

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