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Nearly 10 years after starting our acoustic duo,
playing together feels more natural than playing apart.

Our Passion

Music is not our hobby.
Music is our profession and our passion.

Imagine the milestone of your father’s 90th birthday. This would be a special milestone for anyone but is especially so for a man who has survived the horrors of the Holocaust. As his daughter, you’re filled with love and admiration for your father, so you’re meticulously planning a celebration worthy of his remarkable life. Family members are flying to Arizona from all over the country, eager to honor him. Music, a cornerstone of your family’s bond, holds a special place in your hearts, evoking memories of resilience and hope. Determined to find musicians who will infuse the party with stirring melodies, you’re looking for artists who will not only play beautifully but also understand the profound significance of their performance.

These are the types of clients who choose SoSco Duo.

While we know that musicians of all levels can move audiences in a meaningful way, the business of music making is our profession as well as our passion.

SoSco Duo won “Best Local Band/Musician” 2017, 2018 and 2019 in Arizona Foothills Magazine “Best of Our Valley” competitions. We were also nominated for the Governor’s Arts Award presented by the Arizona Citizens for the Arts in partnership with the Office of the Governor.

With our variety of styles, you decide which will best set the appropriate mood for your event. Choose from classical, wedding music, contemporary, jazz, standards, oldies, Beatles, Elvis, Celtic, Disney, Broadway & movie music, Anime, music, holiday music and more.

  • Our Unique Approach

    For us, using music as a vehicle to connect people to powerful memories and emotions is our work. This is why we do what we do, and this is why music matters so deeply.

Our Acoustic Duo’s Clients

Our clients’ appreciation of fine music fuels our passion, creating a bond that enriches both our artistry and our clients’ experiences.

acoustic duo performing at indoor elegant event

SoSco’s Story

Laura and Alex met in the summer of 2014 while teaching music lessons at the same place in South Scottsdale (or “So Sco”). Alex was just home after college and working on cruise ships and was looking for anything to do. Laura had just been through a breakup with her flute duo. They were both willing to try anything at that point.

Having no clue how a flute and guitar acoustic duo would work, they each dug into their own favorite musical genres and picked some pieces to try together. It wasn’t perfect, but they knew that they had something worth sticking with. They are grateful that they did!

Now, nearly 10 years later, playing together feels more natural than playing apart.

Laura Strickland, flute

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Education: Northwestern University, Bachelor of Music, Flute Performance; Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, Master of Music, Flute Performance; Northwestern University, Master of Music, Music Theory; University of Maryland & University of Illinois, doctoral studies
Fun Fact: My elementary school band director tried to switch me from flute to oboe. That lasted only about 6 months, because my obsession with the flute had already taken hold.

Alex Mack, guitar

Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ
Education: Berklee College of Music, Bachelor of Music, Guitar and Songwriting
Fun Fact: I started on violin in 4th grade and played through high school. I started playing guitar freshman year of high school after being inspired by Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin and quickly knew that I wanted to do this the rest of my life. Then I picked up singing after hearing Hank Williams Sr. I do a lot of that in my other performances, but I’m happy to let Laura’s flute playing sing for SoSco. She certainly can hit the notes I can’t and for longer too!

Paula H.

Concert Audience Member

Your music takes my breath away.

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