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The 5 best reasons to hire live wedding musicians

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As musicians, we are sad to see that fewer couples these days are looking for hire live wedding musicians. Nowadays, many couples opt to skip live music, thinking that their friend playing music on an iPod or a DJ hitting play on a recording can substitute for live music during their wedding ceremonies and cocktail hours. But for couples who truly want to set an intimate, romantic atmosphere at their weddings, there is just no substitute for live musicians who will play their hearts out to enhance the emotion of such a special day.

Below are the five best reasons to hire live musicians for your wedding ceremony and cocktail hour.

Emotion and Intimacy of Live Wedding Music

Music is a part of most people’s lives on a daily basis, but how often are you treated to hearing live music? If you’ve ever gone to a concert of your favorite band or been to symphony hall to hear the orchestra perform, you know there is something uniquely special about experiencing music live. Beautiful, well-played pieces of music can be electrifying and moving. Listening to live music can give you goosebumps like no recording can. On your most special day, imagine how much more emotion and intimacy an ensemble of live musicians can add – there with you during that once-in-lifetime moment, in your special venue, making music just for you and your fiancé. There is no way music recorded in a studio can match that human emotion that your musicians will bring to your wedding day.

Avoid Technical Problems You Could Have with Recorded Wedding Music

Even if your DJ tests his/her equipment, it’s still not something that is 100% trustworthy every time. We have worked with experienced, professional DJs who, despite all of their preparation and top-notch equipment, still have had technical difficulties during the most critical moments. When you hire live musicians, you can go into your wedding day with one less thing to worry about. With live acoustic musicians, you can be confident that as you take your first step down the aisle, your music will be begin right on cue; The right music, at the right time without danger of squawks, squeaks, feedback, cutting out, etc.

Live Wedding Music is More Memorable

Live musicians infuse emotion into and bring a memorable experience to your wedding day unlike recorded music played by DJ. As sensitive musicians, we make an effort to connect with you and your guests to give them a special, memorable experience, something a recording could never do. Nothing resonates more than hearing your favorite tunes on live, lyrical, melodic instruments including flutes and guitars. Your musicians will reflect and enhance your emotion as you walk down the aisle and speak your vows. The soundtrack will be played in your mind along with the images you remember. These moments of your wedding are never forgotten, and can be made more memorable when accompanied by compassionate musicians.

Live Wedding Musicians Are Affordable

Although you may think you can’t afford live musicians for your wedding ceremony and cocktail hour, you may be surprised to find out that live musicians are incredibly affordable. If you compare the cost of musicians to what you’re paying for your planner, dress, venue, meals, alcohol, a DJ and other costs of your wedding day, you’ll find that hiring live musicians is only a small percentage of the total cost of your wedding. The value you get from live entertainment is an excellent value as your musicians will give their best and truly deliver excellent value for your dollar.

Live Musicians Can Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Live musicians at your cocktail hour aren’t just background music; they can actually interact with your guests, making their experience more comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable. If you hire professional, experienced, personable musicians, they will interact with and being sensitive to your guests, making your cocktail hour a fantastic experience for everybody, not just a time to wait for you to finish your photography session.

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