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Choose the 3 best love songs for your ceremony

wedding ceremony love songs

Songs for your Wedding Ceremony

“How many love songs do I need to choose for my wedding ceremony?” We get this question all the time. That’s not surprising since until you’re planning your own wedding, you probably don’t pay much attention to wedding songs. Choose traditional wedding music, classical music, your favorite love songs, or other music that has meaning to you. It’s always the right choice if it’s something love.

Here we will break down the 4 sections that you most commonly need to select music for.

Wedding Prelude Music

As your guests arrive, it’s nice to fill pass the time with live music as your guests are waiting for the wedding to begin. Prelude music can last anywhere from a few minutes to 30 minutes. We normally plan for 15 minutes of prelude music. You don’t need to choose individual songs for prelude music. Most commonly, we play classical music, standard loves songs or popular love songs. You can just choose the style and we can choose individual songs that will set a romantic mood for your wedding ceremony.

Bridal Party Entrance Song

The first wedding song you really need to pick is the bridal party entrance song. During the bridal party processional, we normally play a love song that sets up the entrance of the bride. It’s normally something romantic but not something that will overshadow the bride’s processional. If the bridal party is very large, sometimes brides choose two songs for the bridal party entrance. Most of the time, we just play a portion of one song. We can time it to end right as the bride is about to walk down the aisle.

Bride’s Processional Song

One of the most memorable moments of the wedding ceremony is when the bride walks down the aisle. The music for this moment should fit the mood of the ceremony. It can be serious, religious, romantic, fun or whatever suits the couple for this moment. You only need to choose one song for the processional. We will time it perfectly so it ends right as you reach the end of the aisle. Whatever romantic song or love song means the most to you, we can play your processional song especially for this unforgettable moment.

Unity Ceremony Song

If you’re doing a unity ceremony of some kind. It’s always nice to have a little background music to prevent awkward silences while you perform the ceremony. This song is normally on the more serious side. Sometimes brides choose more religious songs to play softly in the background during this important part of the ceremony. We can make your unity ceremony song last just as long as the unity ceremony last so it fits the timing perfectly.

Recessional Song at the end of your Wedding Ceremony

When your ceremony ends, you’ll probably want a lively song to walk down the aisle to for the first time as a married couple. You can choose a lively classical piece of music or a cheerful song about love. You will hear this song as you exit from the ceremony space. Additionally, your guests will probably stand up from their seats and begin to exit to this song. We can continue to play your recessional song as your guests move towards the cocktail hour or reception. If your guests are still in the area, we will continue to play cheerful music until they all exit the area. This music will help to set the mood for the celebration to follow.

So, while it may at first seem overwhelming to have to choose songs for your wedding ceremony, it’s really only 3 or 4 songs. Everyone’s got a handful of favorite long songs, right?

But if you would like some help choosing music for your wedding ceremony, we are here to help. Just contact us today, and we can give you some ideas! Of visit our page of demos to hear some examples.

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