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The members of SoSco Duo have received top-tier musical training, so they can handle the classical music you want to hear. Although the following list highlights some of the classical melodies they perform, their repertoire extends well beyond these choices. SoSco Duo’s versatility allows them to interpret and perform a diverse array of classical works.

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Our expertise spans diverse genres including today’s popular music, Broadway & movie music, jazz, Oldies (50’s & 60’s), classic country, Disney and the festive cheer of Christmas songs. With a versatile repertoire, we infuse each genre with our unique style, ensuring a memorable musical experience. From soulful jazz renditions to energetic Beatles performances, and heartwarming holiday tunes, SoSco Duo brings you the energy of live music.

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Global Music

SoSco Duo is renowned for their performances of music from around the globe. With expertise spanning Spanish rhythms, Italian classics, and a specialization in Celtic melodies, their versatile interpretations bring alive the essence of each culture through enchanting harmonies and skillful instrumentation. Their musical prowess creates a captivating journey across borders and traditions.

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