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hire live musicians in Phoenix

Live Music

The simple way to add luxury to your exclusive event

Timeless Music for Exclusive Events

concerts, corporate events, memorials, private parties, weddings & more

Phoenix & throughout Arizona

Our clients enjoy premium event music that can impress even the most discerning guests.

Whatever style you choose, you will always get elegance with SoSco Duo’s event music. Performed by two professional musicians who graduated from top U.S. music schools, you and your guests will experience the beauty and power of live music.

Let us take you on a journey through the wide range of emotions that only live music can evoke.

jazz music for cocktail party Phoenix

choose your favorite event music style

SoSco Duo performs Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Francisco Tarrega

Your music takes my breath away.” – Paula H., Audience member at a concert in Peoria, AZ

flute guitar concert Phoenix


inspiring Phoenix audiences

Music allows us to navigate those big, invisible pieces of ourselves and rearrange our insides so that we can express what we feel even when we can’t speak the words.



background music for private events

adding ambiance

One of the easiest ways to create the right ambiance for your Phoenix-area event is with professional live background music.


cocktail hour live music in Phoenix

live music for memorial services

soothing & healing

Music is one of the most powerful means of expression. During times of mourning, music can soothe and comfort like nothing else.


romantic weddings

expressing your love story in music

Your wedding day is like no other and should be expressed in music in a way the reflects you and your fiancé’s unique love. We would be honored to hear your story and express it through music.


Asian Wedding live music Phoenix
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